Day Trip to New York City

This past weekend Mitch, Eden, and myself got the opportunity to meet up with my brother, sister-in-law and niece in New York City. They were on a family vacation from Colorado and since New York is only a couple of hours away from Boston we thought it would be a fun trip. Once we made it to NYC we met up with them at their hotel and it was so nice to see them, I really wished we lived closer to family.


After our hello’s, we did a quick walk to the subway which wasn’t too far. I remember the last time I was in New York, the subway system being fairly easy to get from point A to point B  (with the help of the New York Subway App), but with a baby it was a whole different story. Not only did the loud noises of the subway rattling the tunnel freak her out, but it was extremely difficult to get around with a stroller. My brother and Mitch had to pick up the stroller and carry it up and down the stairs and through the rotating gates which was a lot harder than it sounds. The look on Eden’s face clearly shows how she feels about traveling by subway (haha).

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Our first stop was the Statue of Liberty. Once we got off the subway, we had to rush past all the pesky vendors who were trying to sell us their tickets (I read online to only buy them from the official vendor to avoid fake tickets). After we purchased our tickets we stood in a line that seemed to be a mile long, but time past fairly quick and we were on the boat. When we arrived at Liberty Island, the sky started to turn grey and it started to sprinkle so we rushed over to the statue and started snapping pictures. Even though it was raining by that point, we still had so much fun taking all the photos and I can’t wait to show Eden when she gets older.






After our photo shoot, we stood in line to wait for the boat to head back to the city. By that time is was actively raining and of course, we didn’t have an umbrella. We had the nicest couple behind us who held an umbrella up to keep us all dry the entire wait. I’m so grateful for kind strangers like them. Once our feet touched the ground we were on our way to the famous Lombardi’s for some authentic New York style pizza. We had a few wrong turns on the way, but I think the extra walking made the pizza taste so much better.




Dinner was finished, but how could we leave without dessert?! A few blocks away was a super cute Espresso bar, it reminded me of being in Paris. We enjoyed some much needed coffee and with all the walking we did that day we indulged in some delicious New York Cheesecake.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

We had some good laughs and made some unforgettable memories on this quick trip and we can’t wait until our next visit with Hastin, Jennifer, and Zoey.

Love Always,



Author: Angela Moretti

Hi there, I'm Angela - wife to my high school sweetheart, Mitch & mama to our beautiful baby girl Eden and our fur baby Ollie! I'm originally from Bakersfield, California but currently living right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. My husband is in the Coast Guard out here, so this is our new home for the next 3 years. Since we live so far away from our friends and family, I thought I'd start documenting our adventure out here on the East Coast. I hope to share with your our family's little moments along with our biggest celebrations, and everything in between! Thanks for stopping by! Love Always, Angela

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